VR_I Cie Gilles Jobin and Artanim (Switzerland)


Playing in over 20 cities, this one-of-a-kind virtual dance piece now lands in Singapore!

In VR_I, you and four other viewers are immersed in a virtual environment. With a VR headset and your movements tracked with an optical motion capture system, see your own body in the shape of an avatar while you physically move in the virtual environment. The performance embeds you within a contemporary dance piece, where you can watch from any point of view as the dancers evolve, as if you were an actor on a stage.

Immersive and contemplative, this unique installation is a fascinating exploration of cutting-edge imaging technologies with artistic expressions of contemporary dance and not-to-be-missed!
(20min, per session)

Patrons are advised to arrive 15 minutes before the programme begins.
Unclaimed places may be given away to walk-in patrons.

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May 28 - May 30, 2019
[ Tue ] - [ Thu ]
10:00 AM - 9:00 PM SGT
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Play Den, Festival House (The Arts House)
28 May, Tue 2.00pm FULL
28 May, Tue 2.20pm FULL
28 May, Tue 2.40pm FULL
28 May, Tue 3.00pm FULL
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28 May, Tue 4.00pm FULL
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29 May, Wed 4.00pm FULL
29 May, Wed 7.20pm FULL
29 May, Wed 7.40pm FULL
29 May, Wed 8.00pm FULL
29 May, Wed 8.20pm FULL
29 May, Wed 8.40pm FULL
30 May, Thur 2.00pm FULL
30 May, Thur 2.20pm FULL
30 May, Thur 2.40pm FULL
30 May, Thur 3.00pm FULL
30 May, Thur 3.20pm FULL
30 May, Thur 3.40pm FULL
30 May, Thur 4.00pm FULL
30 May, Thur 4.40pm FULL
30 May, Thur 5.00pm FULL
30 May, Thur 5.20pm FULL
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30 May, Thur 6.20pm FULL
30 May, Thur 7.00pm FULL
30 May, Thur 7.20pm FULL
30 May, Thur 7.40pm FULL
30 May, Thur 8.00pm FULL
30 May, Thur 8.20pm FULL
30 May, Thur 8.40pm FULL
Venue Address
1 Old Parliament Ln, Singapore 179429 Singapore
Singapore International Festival of Arts 2019